Bylaws of the Society

As revised and amended to 9 December 1981, 21 September 1989, 18 January 1990, and 2 June 2011. Preamble I. Name and Character II. Purposes and Organization III. Membership IV. Council V. Officers VI. Committees VII. Delegates to the General

Founders of the Colony

Massachusetts Bay Colony The 1620s were a time of political and religious turmoil in England. The protracted struggle for supremacy between monarch and Parliament reached new heights in 1629, when Charles I disbanded the rival body and ruled alone for

Massachusetts Timeline

1400s (1498) English explorer, John Cabot, sailed along Massachusetts coast 1600s (1602) Bartholomew Gosnold explored coast; named Cape Cod due to codfish found in bay (1604) Samuel de Champlain mapped coast (1607) Three ships arrived